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At Scarcroft, our Art approach promotes self esteem by developing creative pride and a sense of achievement. Art plays an important part in children’s mental well-being by providing them with a chance to connect with their thoughts, emotions and experiences. Children have the opportunity to experiment, invent and create in a range of art forms to express their imagination, inspire creativity and develop individual talents.

We aim to foster an appreciation of the arts that will last a lifetime. Naturally, Art challenges our children through its progression of knowledge, skills and techniques throughout their primary journey. Within Art, children study and reflect on a wide range of diverse, cultural and historical artists to develop their understanding of the world around them and know how art has shaped history.

Our teaching is based on equipping the children with the knowledge and skills through four main strands:

  • Drawing
  • Painting and Mixed Media
  • Sculpture & 3D
  • Craft and Design

Children become proficient in art techniques by building on prior knowledge and skills, including their control and use of materials. Children record their work and ideas in sketch books and these demonstrate progression and mastery in art and design techniques. Through Art, children will develop skills such as: creative thinking, critical thinking by evaluating and giving constructive feedback, fine and gross motor skills, perseverance and experimental skills.

Celebrations throughout the year enhance our art enrichment; these include exhibitions at the York Barbican Theatre and opportunities to create artwork for the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show.

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