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At Scarcroft it is our intent to foster a love of music, through a range of positive experiences to develop the children’s confidence and individual talents. Music is inclusive and an essential part of every child’s education. The impact of our music curriculum is that each child participates in music making and appreciation whilst developing self expression, individuality, communication skills and an understanding of music history.

The children are taught the interrelated dimensions of music in lessons and through regular assemblies. These underpinning foundations of music, such as pulse, rhythm and pitch, are used when singing, playing instruments, improvising and composing. Children incorporate these into their own performances and use them to interpret music. There are regular opportunities to listen to live music as well as the opportunity for a whole year group to learn to play the ukulele.

Children leave Scarcroft knowing music from all over the world, from different times and from different traditions and cultures. They will have developed the knowledge and skills to appreciate and perform as part of a group and understand the value of cooperation. Teachers carefully monitor through observations the progression towards these goals.

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