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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

The ability to understand, speak, read and write in a language other than English, to whatever level, is an essential skill for life. It can enhance the children’s future prospects and promote social mobility. Learning a new language is a challenge not only to acquire and recall new vocabulary, but also to understand new grammatical structures and concepts. We strongly believe that learning a foreign language in Primary school is not just about learning the actual language but about developing an awareness of other cultures and cultural traditions. This is why at Scarcroft, our French lessons included investigations into French artists, festivals and celebrations, children’s games and popular French food and drink.

As much of our classroom work is oral based, the children also have to show great respect for each other, developing strong listening and pair-work skills as well as developing greater self-confidence. Children learn how to express their opinions on a range of different topics such as food, clothing and sports preferences and to give reasons for their opinions. Children leave Scarcroft with transferable language learning skills, ready for MFL at KS3, whatever foreign language that may be.

At Scarcroft, the children begin their journey into MFL in Year 2, with weekly French lessons that explore simple vocabulary and phrases through songs and simple stories. In KS2 the children follow the ‘Kapow’ scheme of work which incorporates speaking, listening, writing and reading in French alongside a programme of French phonics and pronunciation called ‘Mouth Mechanics’.

To further enrich the children’s MFL experience and to put their language skills into action, all Year 5 pupils attend a French Café day at Millthorpe School. They create their own French café during the day and learn transactional phrases in French which they then use to serve parents and other pupils. Pupils also learn to appreciate the different languages spoken throughout the world through our annual European Day of Languages celebration lessons every September.

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