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Our Staff

Our staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr J McGann: Executive Headteacher 

Mrs J Mitchell: Head of School

Mr M Oxley: Deputy Headteacher

Child Protection Leaders

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs J Mitchell

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and SENCo: Mrs C Dickson

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mr James McGann and Mr M Oxley

Infant teachers

Reception: Mrs J Medley

Reception: Mrs C Hannah

Reception: Mrs M Mason

Year 1: Mrs K McDonald

Year 1: Mrs G Marshall

Year 2: Miss N Brooker

Year 2: Mrs L Male

Year 2: Mrs C Clark

Junior teachers

Year 3: Mr P Roper

Year 3: Mrs M Roper

Year 4: Miss A Birch

Year 4: Mr S Cole

Year 5: Mrs R Barker

Year 5: Mrs L Pagan

Year 5: Mrs A Tompkin

Year 6: Mr O Stevens

Year 6: Mrs L Eddy

Year 6: Mrs L de Simone

NEST (Nurturing Educational Support Team)

NEST Coordinator and Pastoral Lead: Ms A Tompkin

NEST Teaching Assistant/ELSA: Mr D Bastow

Teaching Assistants

HLTA: Mrs L Taylor

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs K Thompson

Mrs J Farrington

Mrs J Dixon

Mrs L Taylor

Mrs A Southen

Mrs J Gibb Kirk

Mrs A Heath

Ms K Hardaker

Mrs N Crawford (1:1 Pupil Support)

Mrs Monk

Mrs S Wheeler (1:1 Pupil Support)

Miss V Logan

Mrs G Aked

Site Manager

Mr C Hawxby

Extended Services Coordinator

Miss L Holding

Mid-Day Supervisors

Mrs J Gibb-Kirk

Mrs J Jow

Ms K Hudson

Ms T Skelton

Miss D Bone

Kitchen team

School chef: Mr G King

Mrs J Gumley

Mrs L Dobbin

Mrs F Raftree

Administrative Staff

Mrs J Jones: School Business Manager

Mrs K Douglas

Mrs A Dennis

Mrs D Brown

Chair of Governors

Our chair is Sheriden Hutchinson-Jones. You can contact the Chair via the school office. You can also find out more about our Local Governing Body here

Other important people
The School Council

This is made up of pupils from Years 1 to 6, voted for by their classmates. Our current membership is 16. The Council is supervised by Miss Brooker.


Our parent group is called FOSS (Friends of Scarcroft School) and consists of volunteer parents who meet regularly to do work that supports the school. A range of activities takes place, including activities for adults and children to enjoy together, social events for parents, and fundraising activities for specific projects.

To find out more, or to join the committee, visit the FOSS Facebook page.

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