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Newsletter – 10 May 2024

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Your weekly news from Scarcroft School

10 May 2024

Welcome to our weekly roundup!

Dear Parents and Carers

We hope you’re all well and enjoying the very welcome sunshine. It’s been a busy fortnight at Scarcroft as you will see. Highlights have included Reception thoroughly enjoying their visit from Purple Pig Farm – Cloud and Storm the rabbits were my favourites; Year 3 and 4 immersing themselves in all things Romans and Vikings, and Year 5 have even been tightrope walking! 
Each year group has made a bee as part of the Rowntree Scarecrow Festival which is happening this weekend (Saturday11th and Sunday 12th of May). More information can be found at:
Next week we have Year 6 SATs week. We are so proud of all our pupils and all their hard work and determination and look forward to welcoming them for slap-up SATs breakfasts courtesy of Chef King! We are so looking forward to our celebratory Party in the Park on Friday and a cheeky icecream at Trinacria on the way back to school 🙂 
Also a big shout out to our Year 5 netball team in their tournament at Fulford School this weekend! 
Wishing everyone a happy and sunshiney weekend. 
Best wishes
Jen Mitchell
Head of School 

Attendance w/e 10/05/2024

Reception: 98%

Year 1: 97%

Year 2: 94%

Year 3: 96%

Year 4: 95%

Year 5: 97%

Year 6: 94%

Whole school updates

WALKING THE WORLD: Staff at Scarcroft are still working hard to complete the 25,000 mile challenge with the aim of raising funds to invest in our library. You can still donate here.


The Purple Pig Farm came to school to visit EYFS. We really enjoyed learning about all the animals and we all had a chance to hold a tiny chick.

EYFS had a great session with the County Cricket  team. We learnt lots of different skills and finished the session with a game of cricket. 

We all had a  great time at Forest Schools and really enjoyed using the rope swing for the first time.


REC MM Recognition Awards

  • Callum – Recognition Award
  • Sara – Recognition Award
  • Nia – Kindness Trophy 

REC JM/CH Recognition Awards

  • Sam – Recognition Award
  • Arthur – Recognition Award

Year 1

In Year 1 we have been learning about the work of Jane Goodall in our Science topic. We made binoculars and used one of our super science skills, ‘observing over time’ to make observations of apes. 

Children in Year 1 have been inspired by Monday assemblies and their learning about caring for the planet in RE to go on a litter pick in their local area. We’re really proud of Sophie and Joni for using their initiative and taking action.

In Art this term we have been investigating using different brush sizes and adding texture to paintings. We used our new skills to paint these beautiful pictures of fish.

In Science we carried out an experiment to see how much salt we needed to add to water to make different objects float.


Y1 KM Recognition Awards

  • Jimmy – Recognition Award 
  • Misha – Recognition Award 

Y1 GM Recognition awards

  • Violet – Recognition Award
  • Ella Grace – Recognition Award

Year 2

Namaste! 2MC are really enjoying working on their flexibility and stretching in their yoga sessions.

We had a virtual tour of a dairy farm when we celebrated World Earth Day. This tour was of a working farm where the children met Farmer Sam and had the chance to explore diverse habitats found on the farmland. 

Y2 LM/CC Recognition Awards

  • Ray – Recognition Award
  • Kyrah – Recognition Award 

Y2 NB Recognition Awards

  • Vincent- Recognition Award
  • Teddy- Recognition Award

Year 3

We interviewed survivors from the eruption at Pompeii to get quotes for a newspaper report.

Using play dough, we investigated what happens in an earthquake when two tectonic plates rub against each other.

While we were learning to tell the time, we replicated Roman numerals using match sticks.

Y3 PR Recognition Award

  • Jesse – Recognition Award

Y3 MR Recognition Award

  • Eli – Recognition Award
  • Matteo – Recognition Award

Year 4


We have been learning about Vikings as sailors, raiders, traders, settlers, farmers and crafters. This week, we focused on the role of trade – swapping something you have plenty of for something you have less of. The children were given a limited supply of items and a target to meet before being allowed to barter and trade freely with other groups. It was a really effective way to get across the importance of trade – some groups were left without enough basic supplies while others became very rich!


We have been learning about three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas – as well as their properties. Here, the children are observing melting of ice. We have also played around with compressing and producing gases


4SC Recognition Awards

  • Lucas – Recognition Award
  • Louis – Recognition Award

Y4 AB Recognition Awards

  • Eric – Recognition Award
  • Kyla – Recognition Award
  • Frankie – Effort Trophy

Year 5

Last week we carried out some fieldwork in Geography. We asked members of the public some questions about the leisure facilities in their local area. We used this information to compare it with what people do in the Alps.We were so impressed with how confident they all were approaching people and asking questions. Well done Year 5!

We practised an oracy skill while presenting the information we found out from our fieldwork earlier in the week. We had to project our voice to an audience and make sure that we were heard. We also had to sound like an ‘expert’! We have some fantastically loud voices for an audience in our classes and some confident experts!

This week, we arrived to find a rucksack filled with the items in the photo. We asked questions about who the items might belong to and what they might be for. The diary entry told us that the man planned to walk out across a tightrope between the Twin Towers. We then had a go at tightrope walking!

Y5 LP Recognition Awards

  • Irene – Recognition Award
  • Darcy – Recognition Award
  • Olivia – Achievement Trophy

Y5 AT Recognition Awards

  • Adi – Recognition Award
  • Megan – Recognition Award

Year 6

We used drama to fuel our creative juices for independent complaint letter writing. The children acted out a meal scene where they were horribly disappointed with the food and received terrible service from the staff. This has sparked some excellent letter writing!

There’s no better way to understand 3D shape than to make some!!! Great maths revision!

In Geography, we have been learning about the locations, features and uses of deserts as well as thinking about what might threaten their future. It is amazing to think that both the Sahara and Antarctic are classed as deserts! 

Y6 LE/DeS Recognition Awards

  • Amanda – Recognition Award
  • Oliver – Recognition Award

Y6 OS Recognition Awards

  • Ellie – Recognition Award
  • Taylor – Recognition Award

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