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Newsletter – 19 April 2024

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Your weekly news from Scarcroft School

19 April 2024

Welcome to our weekly roundup!

Welcome to our new-look newsletter!

As you will see from the photos here, Scarcroft has been a hive of activity since Easter:

Year 3 and 4 have been on their Murton Park trips, learning all about the Romans and the Vikings; Key Stage had a fantastic day of cricket last week, and children from Year 5 and 6 did us proud in our Trust netball tournament, and the Peter Feasby hockey tournament finals on Friday. Our journalism club were also visited by a professional design agency where they learnt more about format and layout ahead of the release of their first edition.

This week EYFS loved their visit from ‘Purple Pig Farm’, and we had our first of two school ‘Nerf’ competitions for pupils from Years 4-6 over at York High. It’s all go!

Best wishes,

Jen Mitchell
Head of School

Attendance this week

Reception: 100%

Year 1: 96%

Year 2: 96%

Year 3: 98%

Year 4: 96%

Year 5: 98%

Year 6: 92%

Whole school updates

WALKING THE WORLD: Staff at Scarcroft are still working hard to complete the 25,000 mile challenge with the aim of raising funds to invest in our library. You can still donate here.


We had a PE session with Ben, our York School Sports Network specialist, to work on our hand eye coordination. We had a great afternoon.

As part of our work on Spring we made handprint daffodils.

Our caterpillars have arrived! We are looking forward to watching them grow.

REC MM Recognition awards

  • Sofia – Recognition Award
  • Ellie – Recognition Award
  • Sunday – Effort trophy

REC JM/CH Recognition awards

  • Otto – Recognition Award
  • Audrey – Recognition Award

Year 1

We have launched ourselves into our new topic and are really enjoying expanding our Geographical knowledge! We have loved exploring our planet using atlases and globes and learning about each of the oceans. So far, we have learned about the Pacific ocean and were amazed to discover that over 70% of the surface of the earth is covered by water!

Year 1 enjoyed the Cricket Engagement Day with Yorkshire Cricket.

This week we have looked at the Pacific Ocean and discovered that some creatures camouflage in the coral reefs. We made our own camouflage pictures using collage. Can you spot our sea creatures?

Y1 KM Recognition awards

  • William – Recognition Award
  • Maia – Recognition Award

Y1 GM Recognition awards

  • Xander – Recognition Award
  • Serenity – Recognition Award
  • Ruby – Kindness trophy

Year 2

In Science, we braved the weather and explored the playground to classify objects into groups.

We had lots of fun making our puppets in DT. Last week we wrote our evaluations about them and they all made their way home!

In Art we are experimenting with different marks/lines to create texture.

Even though we were not lucky with the weather, we still enjoyed the Cricket Engagement Day with Yorkshire Cricket!

Y2 LM/CC Recognition awards

  • Erin – Recognition Award
  • Lera – Recognition Award

Y2 NB Recognition awards

  • Polya- Recognition Award
  • Maxime- Recognition Award
  • Ruby – Effort trophy

Year 3

One of our new topics is The Romans. One of our introductory activities was to make some Roman shields. They were used by legionaries in the army and were called scutums.

We had a fantastic day at Murton Park learning how to be Roman soldiers.

The children have organised themselves an art club. This week, they were drawing watermelon characters!

Y3 PR Recognition award

  • Alex – Recognition award
  • Megan – Recognition award

Y3 MR Recognition award

  • Daisy – Recognition award

Year 4

History – Murton Park Trip
To launch our Viking topic Year 4 visited Murton Park. They spent the day dressed as Vikings (with surprisingly modern waterproofs). All of the children were absolutely fantastic and picked up a lot
from “living” as Vikings before learning about them over the coming weeks in school.

To continue the enthusiasm from our Murton Park trip, we have organised our classrooms to be set up as two longships. The children made their own shields to complete the look.

In Science we have been learning about electricity. To learn about how switches work we made our own circuit game. Every Time you completed the circuit by touching the wires together the light lit up.

4SC Recognition awards

  • Bea – recognition award
  • Amber – recognition award

Y4 AB Recognition awards

  • Melissa – recognition award
  • Margot – recognition award
  • Zofia – Achievement trophy

Year 5

In Science we have been learning all about solutions. We investigated whether different solids dissolved in water to make a solution.

This week we combined our writing and computing skills. We created an advert in Google Docs for the ‘Department of Odds and Ends’ inspired by our work on the book ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan.

In Music, Year 5 have been learning all about colour in music and linking this to the Hindu Festival Holi. We learnt about the condition Synaesthesia where people can see colours in music. We listened to pieces of music and thought about what colour this might represent. We also created graphic scores for different pieces of music. To finish the topic, we composed our own pieces of music to celebrate Holi and each group had to represent a different colour. The children had really clearly thought about how the tempo, dynamics, pitch and texture could represent their chosen colour and it was clear for us all to hear. Check out the gallery of photos below!

Y5 LP Recognition awards

  • Redding – Recognition award
  • Victor – Recognition award

Y5 AT Recognition awards

  • Finn – Recognition award
  • Iris – Recognition award
  • Conor – Recognition award

Year 6

In science, we have been learning how to classify living things. After classifying mammals, amphibians
and reptiles using classification keys, we followed a plant collage recipe to help us identify and classify the different characteristics of plants. We finished the week by learning about micro-organisms, including how bacteria can be both helpful and harmful.

We’ve been writing movie reviews this week and we are all showing off our amazing punctuation skills. Well done!

Y6 LE/D Recognition awards

  • Arthur B – recognition award
  • Oliver – recognition award

Y6 OS Recognition awards

  • Elodie – kindness Trophy
  • Charlie – recognition award
  • Sofiia – recognition award

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