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Design Technology

Design Technology

At Scarcroft we provide children with a high-quality education in Design Technology to enable them to become imaginative and accomplished creators, designers and evaluators. It is our intention for children to enjoy Design Technology through a range of practical activities. We want children to learn and develop their technical knowledge and understanding, in a safe environment.We believe that Design Technology is an essential part of understanding our ever changing world and believe that children should be taught the fundamental skills, knowledge, and understanding related to cooking, structures, textiles, mechanisms and the digital world.

In our approach to Design Technology, we prioritise teaching our children to respect others by encouraging collaborative group work and fostering the acquisition of new skills. Our children are given a variety of opportunities to design, invent and create in a range of Design Technology lessons, allowing them to share and express their ideas. Throughout their Design Technology education children build on prior knowledge and skills. This progression of skills and techniques challenges our children to develop their learning throughout their school journey.

We enrich our Design Technology curriculum throughout the year in a variety of ways. For example, by partnering with the charity ‘Phunky Foods’, who come into school to enhance our ‘Cooking and Nutrition’ curriculum. Through this partnership students get the opportunity to learn how to cook healthy, nutritious food.

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