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At Scarcroft we recognise that our children are growing up in an increasingly digital world. We aim to give children the skills and tools to navigate this ever-changing technological landscape, recognising the many benefits which technology brings while building their digital resilience in the face of potential risks. They will understand technology in the context of personal wellbeing and with an awareness of future technological and creative career opportunities.

We know that most future careers will involve computing skills. Our curriculum aims to prepare our students for their futures by providing a strong basis on which to build and providing aspiration for all. Based on the National Curriculum, we use a developed version of the Purple Mash scheme, covering three main strands:

  • Computer science – the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work, and how to put this knowledge to use through programming.
  • Information technology – how to use programs and computer systems to create and develop their ideas, including data handling.
  • Digital literacy – how to use online technologies safely, effectively and responsibly.

Our enhanced curriculum means that children have experience of physical code systems, including Beebots, Microbits and Crumbles, linking computing to wider application in other STEM areas.

We want our children to know that computing is for everyone. For this reason, our children also learn about ‘Digital Heroes’ – people from a range of backgrounds, gender and ethnicities who have had a notable impact on technology.

Further enrichment comes from events such as Safer Internet Day, partaking in the Bebras Challenge and visitors who showcase their work in technology fields.

Children leave Scarcroft as reflective technology users equipped with a range of transferable skills in problem-solving, coding, data handling and content creation.

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